Monday, August 31, 2015

Better Left Unopened

So, I think I’ve opened up a can of worms! No, not literally. I’m not going fishing! The can of worms, I’m referring to is the home maintenance one of repair and beautification, something I’ve neglected in recent years.

If you read last week's post, you may remember that I spent the previous week, my vacation, painting my house. That has resulted in the realization that I really needed to catch up on some other long overdue projects. And these projects are all related, entangled together with each one leading to two or three more. Thus, my analogy of the can of worms. I start one project and soon have a list of others.

I’ve replaced the back door; installed one with a window so we can see out onto the deck, which needs a few minor repairs and treated, along with the cedar fence. I’ve repaired the door on one of my sheds, so it actually closes properly! I’ve replaced the front entryway carpet, which was completely worn out. There was only a thin piece of carpet to cut out around the edge before the new carpet could be cut and installed. I’ve sealed up cracks in the driveway. I cut some new trim boards, and attached them, painted the front door, repaired the gate, and... well, I think you get the picture. Can you see all the worms?

The good news is, only so many worms will fit in a can. Problem is, I’m not sure what size can I’m dealing with. I should know since I’m the one who opened it! But no.

What I do know is I’ve now spent more than two weeks working on my house and not getting much else done. (Maybe I should have left the can closed). But the house is looking nice so at least I have something to show for my effort. And, I think I’m almost done! Thinking can sometimes lead to trouble though! Could be opening a whole new can of worms! ~

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