Sunday, August 9, 2015

Just Rambling

Did something this past week that I haven’t done in a long time—spent the night at my parents’ house. Of course I have been to their house many times since moving out years ago but this seemed different. Maybe because my wife wasn’t there.

My dad is building a garage, and since he’s getting close to one hundred years old, I thought he could use a little help. Oh, there I go exaggerating again. He’s not really that close to one hundred, but he is a lot closer than I am! And some days I feel like I could be one hundred years old so you can see where I might become a little confused. Or, not.

Anyway, my dad is building a garage. I’ve been helping here and there. Just how much help I’ve been is questionable, I’m a truck driver who is definitely no longer accustomed to manual labor.

Last Friday night, I got off work and since my parents live in the town where I work, instead of driving an hour home and then an hour back, I just went to their house to sleep for a while before we got started. It was a little odd, just me, by myself, staying at their house. I was hoping I didn’t wake up and think I was a kid again. Although, that might be fun; just for a day, to pretend that I have no responsibilities, no worries, and no problems. My whole future ahead of me!

But then, now that I think about it, being a kid again may not be that much fun. I think I would miss my wife, kids, and grandkids—and several other things I take for granted. I wouldn’t be able to drive, make my own decisions, write books, or a lot of other things. While I wouldn’t have to go to work at a job (Yay!), I’m sure—based on past experience—my father would have something for me to do! Like help build a garage! It seems some things do not change with time.

Not sure what the point of this blog is. Not entirely sure I had a point. We put the roof on the garage on Saturday and I may have stayed out in the sun too long. Perhaps I’m a bit delirious. After all, it’s August and that means it was hot! But we did have a good time. Nobody fell off the roof or got hurt. Everything went well and the garage is almost done! Yes, it was a good day. A productive day. It was also a tiring day. Did I mention I’m a lazy truck driver?

And now, it’s Sunday night. I’m still recuperating. My legs, ankles, and knees were not meant to spend that much time on a roof. Think, I’ll try to get a little more sleep tonight than normal. I might need the rest—we’re pouring concrete tomorrow! ~

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