Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tired Of Flats

It’s only logical that a truck driver is probably going to have more flat tires, and/or blowouts, than the average person. More tires plus more miles equals more flats. As the saying goes, “It goes with the territory.” And since I drive a truck with twenty-four tires instead of the usual eighteen, I’m more apt to have a flat than even the normal truck driver. I know this, and am used to it. It’s just part of the job. Summer is the worst time; weak tires do not fare well in the heat.

But this year, I’ve been sort of lucky. Down time due to flats has been pretty low—I’ve only had one. Until the week before last.

On Wednesday, I’d gone less than thirty miles when one of my drive tires decided that 14.7 psi was enough pressure. It wasn’t as it turns out. But, I drove on to the tire shop and got it fixed, losing only an hour. Not too bad.

The next day, I made it a little further. In fact, I was almost done with my run when a drop axle tire blew. That was an easy fix, though. There were no scales to cross and it was dark so I just lifted the axle and continued on my way. Wasn’t even five minutes late. So far, so good, right?

Then came Friday. I was sent to a terminal pick up a loaded trailer and when I got there, I discovered not one, not two, and not even three or four, but five, yes, five flat tires. Since it was the only loaded trailer there, I had to wait while they all were fixed or replaced. A two hour delay, on a Friday night was rather discouraging. That two hours was cutting into my weekend. Five flats on one trailer? That is a little ridiculous.

I’m usually in a pretty upbeat mood when I know I have two days off coming up so, the wasted time left me a little deflated. Think I’m ready for a vacation to roll around. After a week of flats, seven of them, this truck driver is tired. ~

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