Friday, January 15, 2016

Musical Muse by Guest J.A. Stinger

I'd like to welcome Rave Reviews Book Club member and current SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR, J.A. Stinger!

Musical Muse by J.A. Stinger

For me, music is such an inspiration when I write. I have a plethora of playlists on my Google Music account for different moods based on what I am writing. I have ones for love scenes, tense scenes, action scenes… you name it. There is something about writing and music that seem to go hand in hand for me. Perhaps it’s the emotions that both stir inside a person. I can be moved to tears by a good song, just as I can by a good book. I’m a rare breed that pays attention to lyrics of a song, not just the tone of the singer’s voice.
It’s not just music, but genre as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love with a capital L O V E country music, but there are some scenes in my novels that cry out for some good ole fashioned rock or metal. I’ve even been known to toss in some Skrillex (Gabriela, one of the characters in Generations Beyond, loves the song Bangerang!).
If you write in silence, I highly recommend trying out some music to see where it guides you.

J.A Stinger is the co-author of
Generations Beyond

Book Blurb
Hidden, buried deep within the government’s archived files of failed military experiments lays a troubling secret. For years, 1953 to 1972 to be exact, a team of doctors and scientists tried unsuccessfully to alter test subjects, hoping to build living, organic weapons for the future. Eventually the project was disbanded, labeled an abject failure – but they were wrong – it just took the passage of time and altered DNA.
Now, years later, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original test pool are different, superior, and dangerous. Project Generations was spawned, a systematic collecting, or scrubbing, of an experiment gone awry. The Generations are hunted, collected, and eliminated before someone discovers the key to controlling them...or perhaps someone already has.
Clouded in secrecy, a General is tasked with the daunting assignment of hoarding or wiping out the past by destroying their future. Captain Christina Aarons, a cursed Generation, is dispatched by the General to locate a new partner, Captain Jonathan Cross, himself the recipient of special abilities. Together the duo battle time, the General, their attraction to one another, and unseen forces to block the laboratory testing and genocide of their brothers and sisters.

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  1. I am distracted by music when I write; I can't seem to tune it out. I can write in the hum of a crowd, but I prefer silence. I've enjoyed getting to know you this week, J.A.! Good luck with Generations Beyond and your next work!
    Thank you, Bruce, for hosting!

  2. I don't write to music but I do write with noise of the television and it doesn't bother me. When I write, I get in a zone to where everything is blocked out. I don't hear the television. Music wouldn't bother me but it wouldn't help either because of my one-track, tuning out thing. But I have heard many people say music helps them with their muse.

  3. I use studio reference headphones. Sometimes it's quiet, while I figure out a phrase or search for a word. Then...

    Who couldn't write a scene listening to this!

  4. Some times I'll listen to music before I start to write, to set the mode. As I've aged, I find that extra noises distract me, even the dinging of Facebook messages, so I tend to turn off even the sound on my computer. But is certainly can be an inspiration to listen to beforehand.

  5. I can't write with music playing but I do exercise to music, and when I'm exercising to music, I do think about plots and characters, which helps pass the time.