Monday, January 18, 2016

Forget Getting Home Early

Last Friday night, I was making good time. All twenty-four wheels on my semi were singing along and I figured I’d be home an hour earlier than normal. Of course, being ahead of schedule is just asking for problems.

The problems started about half way through my run. After picking up a trailer, I had to swing by the office to give them a new copy of one of my logs—apparently, someone had lost it. That went okay, but then I stood and talked a few minutes. And while I talked, I laid the logbook down. And yes, thanks to my absent-mindedness, when I left, I forgot it. I noticed after going a few miles but didn’t really want to turn around and go back; it would have taken about forty-five minutes, eating up most of the hour I was ahead. So, I decided I’d drive without one. There is a fine if caught with no logbook but even worse would be the cops, or DOT, could make me sit for ten hours—to make sure I had my time off and wasn’t driving tired. But odds are, I figured, no one would know. It’s not like they routinely ask for my logbook. In fact, it is actually very rare, especially at the time I was driving; few cops are on the road and the scales are usually closed late at night. So, unless I was speeding or involved in an accident, I thought it shouldn’t be a problem.

I made it down the road 150 miles to another terminal, grabbed a logbook but all I filled out was for the current day. I’m supposed to have a copy of the last eight days, but I was still in a hurry; had to get home early! So, I picked up my next trailer and then started back. I’d just pulled on the freeway—hadn’t even gotten up to speed—when I saw the lights up ahead. Lots of lights. The red and blue flashing variety. Then I saw the line of trucks.

My first thought was that they were doing impromptu inspections. But I didn’t panic. I knew, using the part of my memory that does work, I could re-create my logs while I waited my turn in line. But then, I noticed there were cars stopped too. Oregon doesn’t have traffic checks for cars so it was a pretty safe bet something else was going on. That’s when I turned on the CB and learned there had been a multiple vehicle wreck; it was blocking the whole road. So much for being ahead of schedule!

I ended up waiting almost an hour before they cleared one lane and let us through, which put me right back on my normal time. Sitting there that long, you’d think I would have filled out the last eight days’ log, huh? But I guess I like taking chances, because I didn’t fill out any logs. What did I do instead? I wrote this blog post!

And just in case anyone is wondering, I did make it all the way home without needing the logs! ~

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