Monday, September 7, 2015

The Skeleton In My Closet

After two weeks of writing about my present day activities, I think it’s time I dredge up some story from the past. Wait, that makes it sound like I’m digging up dirt on myself, which I’m definitely NOT going to do. Not that I don’t have such stories. I do. Plenty. I’m just not going to write about them!

Okay, now that that’s settled, where was I? Oh yeah, the skeleton that I once kept in my closet. And sorry to disappoint anyone but that word, skeleton, isn’t a metaphoric representation of some big bad secret. I had actual bones, a full set. And no, it wasn’t a lab model. It was a real live skeleton! Okay, probably not “live.” I’m sure the creature that once used the bones was quite dead.

As you probably guessed, the skeleton wasn’t of the human variety. I’m not sure what is was—a small animal of some sort—but definitely not human. (I’m not really a psycho). Whatever it was, I found it while “exploring” outside one day and brought it into the house—for safe-keeping, I suppose. I know I said it wasn’t a big bad secret but I did try to keep it hidden—mainly from my mother. Had she discovered the skeleton, I think she would have quickly disposed of it. So, I kept it out of sight.

Back then, our family used to take long road trips, and usually, we didn’t stop for a motel, we just kept driving. (No surprise I’m now a truck driver). My dad, in order to stay awake, would listen to talk shows on the radio. In those days there were only two: Larry King and the Night Caps. Since I’ve always had an aversion to sleeping, I was usually awake and listening too.

I’m not sure which of the shows it was and I have no idea now what they were discussing but I remember the guy on the radio saying, “Everybody’s got a skeleton or two in their closet.”

Everybody? So why was I trying to hide mine? Oh yeah, my Mother! Then, I started wondering why I’d never seen any skeletons in anyone else’s closet. You got to remember I was pretty young at the time and had never heard that particular phrase before.

Well, after that, I decided to get rid of the skeleton. Didn’t want to be like everybody else! But being a kid, by the time we got home, I’d forgotten all about it. Didn’t think of it again until we moved a couple of years later. As I was packing, my dad came into my room and seeing the skeleton, asked what I was doing with it.

By this time, I was a little more familiar with the English language, idioms in particular. I said to my dad, “Doesn’t everybody have a skeleton in their closet?”

He laughed but said I still needed to get rid of it, which I did—I stashed it in a partially hidden cubby hole in the closet. Yeah, the same closet, in the house we were moving out of. Hey, someone new was going to move in and to paraphrase an old saying, “Everyone needs a skeleton in their closet!” ~

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