Monday, September 21, 2015

As If I Have Nothing To Do

A few months ago, I wrote a post (read here) about being a sculptor. Specifically, how as  a kid I’d tried my hand at the art of sculpting without much luck but then in later years while working as dental technician, I realized I was sculpting teeth. After that enlightening discovery, I started making all sorts of things: little guns and holsters, cars, candles, birds, or anything else I could think of.

Recently, while sorting through my vast amounts of junk—er, collectibles—I discovered­ some of the “art” I’d made. Yes, I saved most of it, as I do with nearly everything. I dug through the box, remembering how fun it was to create this almost meaningless stuff. I say almost meaningless, because although it serves no purpose, it’s kind of nice to have and look at once in a while. (My wife would probably not agree).

But after I quit working at the dental lab, the creation of my pieces of art stopped. Not having an entire lab full of equipment and supplies at my disposal rather hampered my creativity. This no doubt made my wife happy but I missed making my little treasures.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I had an occasion to need a few items that we had in the dental lab. So, I ordered some supplies and basic equipment. I now can create little trinkets again! (My wife will be so thrilled to read this). I’m not sure what I will make first. Or, when I’ll have the time. Or, what I’ll do with what I make. I guess I could sell it but that doesn’t really fit with my habit of keeping everything. Although... it would be one way to recoup some of my loss. But no, I’ll probably keep it all.

With the cost of the supplies and equipment, some (my wife) would say this could be an expensive hobby. But I look at it more as an investment. Should I, in the future, ever need dentures, I can make them myself! Considering the cost of a dentist visit these days, I think the cost of my hobby just went way down! ~

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