Sunday, July 16, 2017

On The Road Again

Let me apologize in advance, as this post will be fairly short. Not that I don’t love to ramble while I write but that takes time and time is something I don’t have a lot of at the moment. I’m getting ready to leave on an unexpected road trip. A family emergency—of sorts. Not a life-threatening emergency but an emergency nonetheless.

I should get a few thousand miles of travel in over the next few days. But that’s okay. That’s what I do—drive. Lucky for me, I won’t be driving a commercial vehicle so there will be none of those pesky regulations to get in the way. That should make things go a little more smoothly.

I guess you could say this trip is the repayment of an old debt. Kind of. Thirty-two years ago, a certain individual brought an entourage to rescue me—at a moment’s notice and without complaint. Now, it’s my turn to return the favor.

Sorry to be so cryptic but I can’t really discuss the details yet. Just thought it was a bit ironic how history repeats itself—usually with a twist, or two. ~

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