Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mr. Clean

Spent over eight hours cleaning house on Saturday—and it wasn’t that messy! Well, that may be a little misleading. It was kind of messy. Maybe a little more than that.

The thing is, it shouldn’t have been messy at all. My wife is away visiting her family—has been for nearly three weeks. So, it’s just the dogs and me. And aside from the weekends, I’m hardly home. So, the house shouldn’t have been messy.

I guess I could blame it all on the dogs—I’d like to blame it on the dogs. But that would be unfair to the little creatures because the truth is, while they may have contributed in some small way, the majority of the mess came from me.

It’s a rude awakening to find out—at age 50— that I’m a very untidy person. Honestly, 8 loads of laundry, two loads of dishes through the dishwasher, the floors were starting to look I lived in a barn with all the dirt they’d collected, and the clutter through the rest of the house was reaching record levels. All this from a guy who spends a measly three hours a day at home—not counting my sleep time. It’s almost astonishing how I could make such a mess!

But, it’s all clean now. Good thing too, as my wife will be coming home soon. And she had the house nice and clean before she left! I’m hoping she gets home while the place is still presentable as I’m not sure how long I can maintain my uncharacteristic decorum. I’d hate for her to discover her husband’s woeful housekeeping skills, things could get messy! Although, after thirty years of marriage, I’m thinking she already knows. ~

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