Monday, July 10, 2017

Insecticide Needed

You know what bugs me? Bugs. Among other things, of course. I’d hate to imply that I find nothing else in the world annoying. I find a lot of things annoying these days but I don’t have time to list them all. So, for now, I’ll just concentrate on bugs. The creepy crawly insects, or all insects for that matter, are extremely irritating.

I’ve lived where there a lot of bugs, where there are very few bugs, and some places in between. Where I currently live, we don’t usually have a bug problem. But some years are worse than others. This year, we seem to have been overrun with crickets—large crickets that cover the highway at times. They like to eat anything and everything, which means gardens and lawns are not faring so well. Thankfully, they are letting up and should soon be gone. But...

The crickets seem to have been replaced with gnats. There are thousands of swarming little creatures that descend in a cloud and make life miserable. Driving through these “clouds” leaves your windshield plastered with a thick gooey substance that is very hard to remove. I took my pickup through the car wash the other day and while most of the dirt was gone afterward, the gnats remained. It usually takes me about an hour to clean the windshield—and that only lasts until I go to work again. So, I tend to let it go for a while—I’m waiting to get pulled over for having an obstructed view.

I know, those of you who live in humid areas with a mélange of bugs are not feeling too sympathetic. And you’re probably thinking I should just learn to deal with it. Well, you’re right. And I am—by venting about it in this post.

Okay, blog rant is over. Time to do something else. Maybe I’ll go clean my windshield—it’s starting to bug me. ~

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