Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Year's New Year's Predictions

If anyone remembers, about a year ago, this blog was about my predictions for the coming year of 2013. For this week, I thought I’d go back and visit that again - to see how well I did.

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, or in case you didn’t see it, the text of last year’s blog appears below in italics.

12-31-12 Blog
It’s that time of year again, when everybody makes their predictions for the coming year. Everything from sane and rational expectations to outlandish foretellings and dire warnings of things that will never come true. For instance, I read the other day that 2013 will be the year aliens land on the Earth and we will discover life on Mars. Yeah, right!

The good news is, I won’t look too peculiar making a few predictions of my own. Keep in mind that I do not have a crystal ball and wouldn’t know what to do with one if I did. Okay, here goes.

I predict 2013 will have 365 days (Approximately - the time discrepancy which necessitates the occurrence of leap year not withstanding).

I also predict the weather across the country will be generally cooler at the beginning of the year, followed by a warming trend throughout the summer months - even downright hot in some areas. Then, with fall, temperatures will moderate, eventually turning colder toward the end of the year. And then I predict some moron will blame the variation in weather on global climate change.

I further predict 2013 will see politicians spending more money they don’t have, blaming each other and then trying to figure out ways to have the rest of us pay for their stupidity and insatiable desire to spend.

And I predict that when 2013 is over, 2014 will be ushered in - like clockwork.

Hey, this predicting thing seems pretty easy! I could go on, but I’m fairly sure nobody wants me to. so, I’ll end this blog with one final prediction; next year, about this time, there’ll be a whole lot more of the crazies coming out with their predictions - not at all dissuaded by the fact that none of their previous “enlightened” prophetic statements came about. Except me - I think I have a pretty good shot at all of mine coming true!

So, how did I do? Pretty well, I think. As of tomorrow (12-31-13), the year 2013 will have racked up a total of 365 days. Just as I predicted. So far, so good!

The weather followed my predictions right down to the letter - even to the point of some moron, a lot of them actually, blaming the temperature fluctuations on global climate change. Not bad huh? I didn’t even rely on the Farmer’s Almanac for those predictions! Just a few years of weather data floating around in my head!

And my predictions about the politicians were right on the money! All year long we were treated to the blame game - with ultimately both sides contributing to our, now very out of control, $17 Billion debt.

One of my predictions, the calendar turning to 2014, hasn’t happened - yet. However, things appear to be on track for it to occur within the next day or two. Unless something drastic happens, the year will end just as I said!

The last of my predictions also came true. Many slightly crazed individuals have already made their wild predictions for the new year - with no mention at all that their ridiculous prophecies from last year never happened. Just to clarify, aliens did not land on Earth and life was not discovered on Mars. (If I’m not mistaken - and I’m not - I alluded to this being the case as well, with my “Yeah, right!” comment in my blog. Chalk up another one in the win column.)

I think it’s safe to say that I have ended up with one hundred percent accuracy! So, I’ll quit while I’m ahead. (And, before anyone gets too bored or decides I have truly lost it)!

Happy New Year!

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