Monday, January 6, 2014

The Fastest Way To Clear A Drain

I’m the kind of guy who likes to get straight to the point. It solves problems far more effectively. Besides, beating around the bush is not my style at all. In a debate, or any other dispute for that matter, I usually go for the throat. However, I’m not entirely unreasonable. I do try to solve things amicably first. The nice approach. But when that doesn’t work, as is most often the case, I see no point in wasting time. So, I go right to the top and strike with as much force as possible. BOOM! That’s my logic.

A quick example: Once, when I bought a set a tires (from a national tire store), one of which disintegrated within a week, crumbling right off the wheel, I first tried to have the local shop replace it. They refused, telling me it my fault. They did add that I could file an appeal and gave me paperwork that said to contact the area manager. And then the district manager. Then the regional manager. And on and on it went, listing about ten different offices. Instead, I wrote a letter to the President of the company and in less than a week received several phone calls of apology and a new tire! BOOM! Much faster than going up the chain one person at a time.

I generally follow this same approach when facing problems in the day-to-day run of things. For instance, when my we had a bathtub that repeatedly would not drain, I made a trip to the store to purchase some Drano. That usually worked, but not this particular time. I then found a bottle of Liquid Plumr in the shed and poured that in as well - still nothing. We still had a full tub of water. I had heard baking soda and vinegar would do the trick - it didn’t.

So, back to the store I went. I’d tried the “nice” way, now for the big guns! Lye. The ultimate drain opener. And cheap too! Cheaper than either Drano or Liquid Plumr.
I did read the directions but then promptly dismissed their “suggestion” to only use a spoonful of the stuff in a clogged drain. Neither was I content with two or three spoonfuls; I dumped in the whole bottle! And... still nothing.

By this time, supper was ready and I went to the kitchen to eat. We’d just about finished our meal when we heard the explosion. BOOM! The Lye had mixed with all the other chemicals I poured down the drain and reacted! Loudly!

We were lucky! All that happened was the drain opened and the water in the tub was gone in an instant. Of course, most of it was sprayed all over the bathroom walls - along with a white film of lye that never really came off. But the plumbing and wall were still intact! And, we never had a problem with that drain again!

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