Monday, June 18, 2012


I'm a person who likes to stay at home. I've never particularly enjoyed visiting places and have no desire to travel to foreign countries. I like it at home. Yet, here I am, writing my blog in Hawaii. (Yes, I know that Hawaii is the 50th state and part of the USA - technically. However, in reality, it is the closest to a foreign country, as I want to get).

The reasons are many; I'll list just a few of them. First, the people here don't speak English much, but Hawaiian, or Japanese, or Chinese, or some other language I can't understand. Second, trying to find the way to anywhere touches on the edge of insanity. There are very few things marked, streets and addresses follow no sort of logic. At times, you can see where you want to go, but getting there is next to impossible, especially with the constant parade of traffic and the swarms of pedestrians. Third, asking the locals for information or directions produces a blank stare, followed by a few sentences of useless information totally unrelated to what you needed to know. Or, they might say nothing - just point down the street - which may, or may not be the right direction.

The Hawaiian Islands are supposedly modernized but they aren't quite as advanced, as I'm accustomed to. For instance, the idea of debit cards hasn't quite made it here. Most businesses do not process them as debit, but credit cards. They have trouble with such concepts as time - no one is in a hurry at all, and walking on the right side of the walk – they seem to prefer using the left side. And, while they do have Wi-Fi and the Internet, the connection speed leaves much to be desired - and you have to pay for it. But then, not much is free here. Prices are not only exorbitantly high, they are insanely outrageous. At $10 a gallon for milk, $7.50 for a small box of cereal, or over $8 for ice cream, one quickly realizes it's cheaper to simply starve! Unfortunately, an entire week of starvation is not an option.

To most people, Hawaii is considered a tropical paradise, and in many ways, it is. Temperatures are around 85 degrees, it seldom rains, there are plenty of beaches and resorts with an abundance of water sport activities, the food is generally pretty good - as long as your wife doesn't decide to sample some of the questionable local eating establishments and the unsavory cuisine, that is (we tried the Kalua pulled pork - a word of advice - don't), and the scenery, with the aqua-blue ocean, the pristine beaches, the mountains with the waterfalls and scenic overlooks, is all beautiful. Yet, I have all of this where I live - and a lot cheaper! We could've saved ourselves a few thousand dollars and just stayed home!

Okay, I'll admit it's not as bad as I make it sound. My wife and I both had a great time in Hawaii for our 25th anniversary. We visited many interesting places including, Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach, The Dole Plantation, The North Shore, and Diamond Head Crater. The weather was nearly perfect the entire week and we were treated very nice. In short, we enjoyed our vacation. But after surviving an extremely long week on this island, we are ready to go home. And since I'm a person who likes to stay home, I think I'll stay there awhile!

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