Monday, June 4, 2012

Doing My Research

It’s no secret that writers have to do research – lots of research. No one could possibly have all the facts and figures just rolling around in their head waiting for the right moment to be written down – at least it’s not that way for me.

That’s why the Internet is so great and makes writing less complicated and faster than it used to be. Once, research entailed spending hours at the library, sifting through volumes of material. It was definitely a lot of work. Now, the same amount of research can be accomplished in a matter of minutes – online. However, there is a small caveat to this – just because it happens to be on the Internet, doesn’t make it true. But, that just means there are a few rules to follow, things like, use only reputable sites, verify any information with multiple sources, and don’t run with a story until you the information is accurate. (I can think of several well-known reporters who would have done well to take this advice).

So, now the time saved is lost due to double and triple checking everything. Ironic isn’t it, that we never seem to be able to actually get more time. Still the research process is much easier, and far more comfortable. I’d much rather spend my research time relaxing in my easy-chair in my own house than to endure the hassle of sitting in the uncomfortable chairs at the library.

But then, there are all the warnings about spending too much time on the Internet to consider. Somebody’s always telling us what detrimental health effects it can have, no exercise, eye strain, a sore back, carpal-tunnel syndrome, poor blood circulation, etc. They make it sound bad.

So, what’s the point of all this? The point of this blog? Nothing really – except, well, it’s nice to be a writer. I have an excuse. If I happen to spend an excessive amount of time on the Internet – just remember, I’m doing “research.”

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