Monday, May 29, 2017

This Day

Freedom isn’t free. And today, we are mindful of that fact. Today, we remember the many thousands who have lost their lives defending and protecting our right in America to exist as a free country. We all owe those selfless individuals much more than we could ever pay. And even if we could find some way to repay them, that wouldn’t bring them back.

Our fallen soldiers died because they believed in something bigger, something more than their own life. That is: the idea and concept of a free society; a free people living in a free nation. They believed that their families, their friends, and citizens in general, deserved freedom. Believed it so strong they gave their life for it.

It seems so small and insignificant to merely have a day to memorialize them, just another summertime holiday—especially when many people have no idea what we’re celebrating or, remembering in this case. A lot of Americans know only that they get the day off (or earn overtime pay if they work) for a three-day weekend. They go camping, have a picnic, or hold a cookout in the back yard. In short, they are busy living their lives—and enjoying it.

I can’t really fault them for any of that. Because, ironically, that is one of the basic tenets of freedom. It’s for what so many gave their lives—so others could enjoy days like today. Memorial Day.

Still, it might be nice to at least think about those who made this day possible—and all the other days in this country. Perhaps show a little gratitude, some appreciation. Okay, that’s all. Enjoy whatever you do for the kick-off to summer! ~

Bruce A. Borders is the author of more than a dozen books, including: Inside Room 913, Over My Dead Body, The Journey, Miscarriage Of Justice, The Lana Denae Mysteries, and The Wynn Garrett Series. Available in ebook at and paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million. Bruce A. Borders is a proud member of Rave Reviews Book Club.


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