Monday, April 10, 2017


Saw my first rattlesnake of the season the other day. At last! Spring is here!

Okay, I admit, I really don’t like snakes. I much prefer other indicators of spring like: robins, budding trees, and warmer temperatures but after an unusual long and drawn out winter, a rattlesnake was a welcomed sight. Snakes are far better than the icy roads and the bitter cold. I do reserve the right to change my mind on this later in the year—when the whole snake population of the countryside comes out to play!

Not that I’ll be ready for winter again but I’m thinking the excitement of seeing a snake will likely taper off. Did I mention I don’t really like snakes? In fact, I usually kill every snake I run across. But oddly, the one I saw the other day is still slithering around somewhere—at least it was when I last saw it. Either I’m getting lazy or I’m really happy that summer is on its way. Both maybe.

Still, the fact that I didn’t kill this snake is somewhat strange. I know, some people get all uptight when I mentioned killing something, even snakes. They’re usually the ones who say something like, “But snakes help control the mice population.”

And they are correct. Snakes do help get rid of mice. But might I suggest a purchase of Decon? Just a thought.

One person I said that to spluttered back, “Well, snakes are God’s creatures too!” As if that means I have to let them live. But aren’t mice God’s creatures as well? Yet, the guy seemed okay with the mice dying.

“That may be,” I told him, “but uh, I really don’t like snakes.” Unless of course, they are the first sign of spring—apparently. ~

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