Monday, April 24, 2017

A Moving Story

Well, the state of Idaho is still where it has always been. Just went and checked this weekend because apparently driving 3600 miles a week is not enough; I had to add another 600 or so.

Okay, I really didn’t make a trip to Idaho just to see if it was still there. My wife and I went to help our son move. After I finished my run on Friday, I slept about four hours before we headed out.

Lucky for us, a few other people had already pitched in to help the kid move (including my dad who was in the area) and by the time we arrived most of the heavy lifting had been done. We helped pick up all the little things that a guy thinks aren’t going to take long. But then, there turns out to be a lot more of them and things drag on. Then, there was the cleaning of the old apartment—and a few chores at the new place as well.

I did manage to get a few hours of sleep Saturday night but then spent most of the day Sunday finishing up. Then, it was time to go driving again! Yay! But at least the kid (the kid, who is 22 years old, so not much of a kid anymore) is all moved. It’s now a little past midnight on Monday morning. We just made it home and I think I shall try to get a little sleep because for some reason, I’m tired! ~

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