Monday, February 27, 2017

February Thaw

Saturday. The weekend. The sky was clear and sunny, temperature in the upper forties, and very little wind. A perfect day—for this time of year. And with most of the snow now gone, a perfect day to spend outdoors.

As you might expect, there were plenty of people out and about, enjoying the long awaited break in the wintery weather. It was good to hear the sounds of spring. While I didn’t hear any lawn mowers, people were busy cleaning, doing yard work, building things, working on cars, etc. Some were just hanging out, doing nothing. I think everyone shared the same sentiment; just glad to have something other than snow and cold.

Even the birds seemed happy and cheerful. They were chirping away, flying from tree to tree, occasionally landing on the ground, and then doing a little dance. I think they were surprised, and relieved, that the snow was all gone. They seemed in awe of the fact they could actually see the ground!

The sunshine definitely appeared to brighten the day—in more ways than one.

So, what did I do on this perfect day? Well, after taking about fifteen minutes to change the oil in my wife’s car, I worked inside. Yep, inside. The rest of the day. Sad, I know. But I did get a lot done; things that had to be done. And I was able to see the sunshine through the window! Still, inside is not the place to be on a perfect day. Not to worry though. After an unusually long winter, there are plenty of things waiting to be done outside as well. However, those things will have to wait. How long? Not sure. Until the next perfect day, I guess. ~

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