Monday, January 23, 2017

Toy Story

I remember as a kid, around age two or three, I used to think I couldn’t sleep through the night without a whole array of toys to keep me company. I’m not sure if it was not wanting to be without my toys all night long or if having them in bed with me made me feel not so alone. Whatever the reason, at that age, I was usually surrounded by stuffed animals, action figures, cars and trucks, and whatever else I could find before the dreaded bedtime arrived.

I thought I’d left that stage behind long ago but for the last several years, one of our dogs has been doing his best to take me back to my childhood. He seems to think I need as many chew toys as he can find, as well as anything else he can drag into bed. Since I work nights, my wife (and the dogs) are sleeping when I get home. And my side of the bed is usually piled high with various and sundry dog toys. I guess he feels sorry for me or something. And yes, I have tried taking them off the bed but that doesn’t work. He just waits until I’m asleep and them brings everything back.

And recently, my grandson is getting in on the act. He spends most Saturday nights at our house and lately has started piling his toys on the headboard. Last night, I counted thirteen different gadgets and gizmos (yes, times and kid’s toys have changed) lined up—on my side of the bed, of course. This is in addition to the dog’s toys.

Between the two of them, I’m well prepared, you know, just in case insomnia strikes. My grandson even told me one night that he put the toys there, so I could play with them if I  woke up before morning. I suspect his generosity may have been just to keep me happy—and make sure I didn’t move the toys.

Thing is, I’d be perfectly happy sleeping without things falling on my head during the night. Or, waking up with a sharp pain in my side after sleeping on a toy tractor. Or, having one of the electronic gizmos start buzzing in the middle of the night.

I guess they, the dog and the grandson, are just trying to keep me young. It’s working too, I think, because here I am thinking back to when I was two or three years old and reliving the past. ~

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