Monday, November 9, 2015

Ready, Or Not

So, I think I’ve mowed the lawn for the last time this season. Turned off the sprinklers, blew all the lines out, and covered the barbecue grill. I’m ready for winter. At least it would appear that way.

In reality, I’m NEVER ready for winter. As any longtime reader of this blog knows, I prefer summer. In fact, I’d like to do away with winter completely. For some reason, that has never happened. I realize I could move to Arizona and escape winter—most of the time anyway. But something tells me if I were to relocate, the first winter, the state would have its biggest snowfall in history with record low temperatures.

A couple of weeks ago, I was discussing my dislike of winter with someone who couldn’t understand what I could have against it. Only three things really; the cold, the snow—or ice, and the short days. Summer, on the other hand, has none of those!

I was told it was unrealistic to expect warm sunshine all of the time—that things would die. Like my grass, they said.

Obviously, this person has not lived in this area too long. I asked and found the guy had moved here only a few weeks before so I guess I can cut him a little slack. Still, it should have been fairly evident from all the brown hillsides that the grass does die here—every summer. Unless... Unless it is watered. I pointed this out and was met with a look of disbelief. Then, I was told taking care of an irrigation system just seemed like a lot of work.

Which is how I remembered that I needed to winterize my sprinklers! It is November already! Gotta make sure they don’t freeze up and bust. I need them for my grass next summer—or sooner, if by some miracle we get to skip winter this year! ~

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