Monday, November 30, 2015

Internet Dependent

I’m not a very patient man. (Not a big revelation there). I get frustrated when things do not work like they are supposed to. So, you can imagine the irritation and annoyance I’ve been experiencing for the past week and a half due to my Internet having issues.

As many Americans, I have come to depend on the Internet. I pay my bills on the Internet, advertise and sell books on the Internet, get my news, weather, and entertainment on the Internet. In fact, I live on the Internet. When it is down it negatively impacts my life in a BIG way. For instance, last week, when I posted my blog, it should have been a very simple matter. It normally takes about fifteen minutes to get the post online. But last Sunday night I spent three hours on it.

So, during the past week I have been busy, trying to isolate the problem. Every time I think I have it figured out, and think my Internet will now work, it goes out again. So far, it’s been a colossal debacle. I’ve now concluded I must have a weak router, so, against my usual nature, tomorrow I will call my service provider.

Not looking forward to that at all. By the time I get someone on the line who actually speaks English, jump through all the hoops of identifying myself, describe to them the problem, and then tell them what I have tried—only to have them suggest the very things I’ve already eliminated—I figure my day will be half over. And did I mention I’m not very patient?

But I am determined. Which is why you are reading this. Not sure how long I will have spent on it because when I finally get it posted, I’m NOT going back to edit it! I just don’t have the patience for that! ~

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