Monday, June 22, 2015

My Watch Band

It’s been ten years since I’ve worn a watch—about the time I started carrying a cell phone. (Yeah, I got into the cell phone thing a little later than everyone else). Up until that point, I’d worn a watch almost constantly since about age six. I only took it off occasionally to look at the pasty white mark on my skin that never saw sunlight.

Not sure why that was important, other than it showed how dark the rest of my skin was, which usually wasn’t that dark.

But after getting a cell phone, I couldn’t really justify buying a new watch when my old one broke. So, I just stopped wearing one.

The first summer without my watch, the white band on my wrist began to go away. I’ve never really had a problem with getting sunburned, my skin just slowly darkens. So, I didn’t worry about the bleached skin burning and thought by the end of the summer it would be completely gone. But it wasn’t. And it was still there the next year too. And the next. In fact, it’s still there, ten years later. It is pretty faint now but  noticeable. Enough that people have asked me if I forgot my watch that day. They never seem to believe me when I tell them I don’t wear a watch.

I don’t know why the skin doesn’t get darker there. It’s almost like the pigment is gone and there’s nothing for the sun to bake.

I also thought I would get used to not wearing a watch, and I sort of did. If I need to see the time, I usually reach for my phone. But, occasionally, when I catch sight of the slightly whitened band around my wrist, I still find myself checking for the time. Crazy? Maybe. And maybe in another ten years or so, the mark will go away and I won’t be checking my arm for the time. Or, I could actually figure out that I don’t wear a watch by then, you never know!

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