Monday, June 15, 2015

I Need A Longer Vacation

The worst part of vacation—the end. It wouldn’t be so bad but the end always comes too soon. Before I even get used to the idea of vacation, it’s time to go back to work.

Yes, as some of my gifted readers may have guessed, I was on vacation last week, one of three that I’m allotted per year. Getting a day off any other time is not likely—unless a hospital stay is involved. Since that’s not my idea of a day off, I generally just go to work!

On this occasion, my wife and I celebrated our anniversary by visiting her family in Wisconsin. (I can hear the groans now of all those who think visiting their spouses family is a horrible way to spend a vacation). But, it’s okay, I actually like my in-laws!

One thing that made this vacation memorable was we took our one and a half year old grandson along with us. The kid is quickly becoming a seasoned air traveler as this was his tenth plane ride, I think. At more than one every two months, he is well on his way to joining the frequent flyer program. (That may diminish somewhat when he actually has to start paying to fly).

It was a fun week—at least for me. I guess I can’t speak for my wife, or the grandkid, or the in-laws for that matter! I think we all had a good time, relaxing, catching up, and enjoying the summer. But ultimately, my vacation was too short. And here it is Monday already and time to return to the daily grind.

I think I need a job where I work three weeks out of the year and vacation the other forty-nine. The opposite of what I do now. That, I could handle. Maybe. Although, it probably wouldn’t take that long before the forty-nine weeks would just not be enough and I’d be complaining my vacation had ended too soon!

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