Monday, April 27, 2015

The Babysitters

This past weekend, my wife and I were privileged to have one of our grandchildren spend the night! No, it’s not the first time that has happened; there have been numerous other sleepovers at the grandparents’ by this grandchild and the others. But it is the first time we let this one sleep by himself in a separate room. He’s one year old so he’s not really a baby and can sleep just fine on his own. Of course, we checked on him from time to time, especially my wife who is a very light sleeper when children are around, but we weren’t that concerned that anything was wrong.

However, our dogs were apparently not quite so keen with the idea of letting him sleep alone. In fact, they were pretty nervous about the whole thing. They kept coming to my office at the end of the hall to get me. And, thinking they needed to go outside, I’d get up from sitting at the computer and head for the door. But every time, they’d stop at the bedroom where the grandkid was sleeping. The door was ajar and the dogs would peek into the dark and then look back at me and whine. This only happened a few times before I started ignoring them. Well, not ignoring them exactly. What I did was told them to go back to bed, the baby was fine.

They’d wander off but only stay gone a few minutes. Then, they’d be back, silently urging me to get up and check on the kid. When I didn’t, they’d go to the door and stare into the room, sniffing—and still whining. I started getting up just to watch them.

It was almost comical, as they progressively became more and more worried. They’d quietly edge further into the room, listening and sniffing until they were satisfied everything was okay and then slowly back out of the room, and trot back up the hall. This scene would repeat every few minutes. Eventually, they couldn’t take the “pressure” any longer and just laid down in the hall keeping any eye on the poor, defenseless little human that their inconsiderate owners would not bother to watch—at least not as often as they would have liked.

While this provided entertainment for me, I really didn’t get a lot of work done that night. But that’s okay, I’m working now. And my wife is sleeping soundly. For about three hours now. No, I haven’t even checked on her. She’s got the dogs. I’m sure they’ll keep a close eye on her.

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