Sunday, December 7, 2014

Oil Change

Isn’t it about time someone invents a car that never needs an oil change? Hasn’t technology progressed that far yet? Apparently not, because this past weekend found me finally listening to the repeated demands of my wife’s vehicle to change the oil. I remember when a guy actually had to keep track of that himself. Now, our cars tell us when it’s time.

Reluctantly, I set out to do the vehicle’s bidding. I got out the pan to catch the used oil, pulled the plug—and spilled a little, as usual—changed the filter and refilled the oil. Yes, I did put the plug back in place for anyone who may be wondering. Then, I cleaned up the mess.

This all took me just over 25 minutes. What happened? I used to be able to change the oil in under ten minutes! I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with my ever-growing age. Must be the cold weather. Winter. Because, despite what the calendar says, winter has definitely arrived. Old Man Winter is sort of an odd fellow, seems to do pretty much as he pleases and is not all that subservient to the calendar.

Okay, changing the oil isn’t a hard job, and usually not a problem—except when it occurs this time of year. Then, it’s not so great. Awful, actually. I’m thinking of instituting a new rule: the No Excessive Driving Rule, which shall remain in effect for the duration of the winter months. That way, I won’t be laying out in the driveway, freezing to death, just to change the oil. No, I haven’t unveiled my plans to my wife yet. But, I’m sure she’ll understand why she is no longer allowed to go anywhere.

Oh, wait! Just remembered my pickup will be due for an oil change in a week or so. Never mind. The rule is suspended. Instead, maybe I’ll go a different route; seize the moment and work on my inventing skills. I could start with an engine that never needs an oil change!

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