Monday, December 1, 2014

In The Middle

Usually, being caught in the middle of something is not a good thing. Stuck in the crossfire of two opposing sides, and feeling loyalty to both can be maddening. It often means being in the crosshairs of both sides, and can stem from family, friends, or be politically or job related. Usually.

In my case, at least as it relates to this blog post, being caught in the middle holds no negative association. There’s no crossfire or vying for loyalty, and I certainly don’t feel like I’m in anyone’s crosshairs. In fact, I find it sort of inspiring. I suppose I should explain.

This past Thursday, my wife and I were privileged to have a lot of family join us for Thanksgiving. We had all of our kids home (and the grandchildren), my brother and his family were here, as well as one of my aunts and my parents.

Now, I’ve notice this before, but for some reason I was struck by how much our kids reminded me of myself when I was younger. They have many of the same actions, the same habits, the same speech patterns, and a lot of the same looks. (My poor kids, I know).

And my grandkids, they just don’t have a chance. They seem to take after everyone in the family; parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles—I know, that’s kind of the norm among families. But it is amazing to see when everyone is together.

And now for the scary part; it also works in the reverse. I see myself and my brother doing things and saying things just like our parents. What’s more, we even look a lot like them. (Not too shocking, I realize). I’m also told I look and act a lot like my Grandpa—a guy I never really got to know that well. Could it be we are related?

The gist of what I’m trying to say here is, as much as life seems to change from generation to generation, it really stays the same. Time keeps going forward, yet, looking ahead or looking back doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference. It’s merely a different perspective; a different point of view in the landscape of life. I feel lucky because, for the moment at least, I seem to be caught right in the middle.

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