Monday, October 6, 2014

Food For Thought

I’m not a health nut. Definitely not. I like food; junk food, real food, pre-cooked, home cooked, doesn’t matter. I don’t base my eating habits on what other people think I should eat. I eat what tastes good to me. I’m of the opinion it’s unhealthy to eat only “health food.” Although, I do like some “health food.” But isn’t all food healthy? Sure, some might be more nutritious than others, but to me, food is food.

Recently, I saw an article that claimed, after reading this report; you’ll never eat anything unhealthy again. That did grab my attention but not the way they’d intended, I’m sure. What I was wondering is just who decides what is healthy? Over the years, there have been numerous conflicting studies and published reports—even the “experts” don’t seem to agree.

I did read the report just because I’m stubborn. I doubted they would change my mind about my eating habits, after all, I still eat margarine. In fact, I prefer margarine. And, I still drink pop, still enjoy fast food, and still eat what tastes good. But just for laughs, I wanted to see what the article had to say.

Among the ridiculous claims was that it would be better to eat nothing, rather than pre-packaged food from the supermarket. Really? I’m pretty sure I’d die a lot faster from starvation than whatever “bad” stuff is in the pre-packaged food. And of course, they didn’t think I should eat fast food either—or junk food. In addition, they listed steak, milk, lettuce, butter (good thing I like margarine), bacon, and cheese, among others, as foods to avoid. If these foods are really that bad then I guess we’re all doomed.

So, what did the “enlightened” authors say we should eat? Well, they didn’t. Apparently, they were more concerned with what not to eat. They conveniently stopped short of making any recommendations. Probably smart on their part. Their suggestions can’t later be discredited; when someone comes along with a new study claiming those foods are unhealthy.

As for the statement, after reading this report, you’ll never eat anything unhealthy again—uh, sure.

Okay, to be fair, the article did make a few good points. I’d like to list those but just don’t have the time because well, I’m hungry. And the pizza’s almost done.

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