Monday, October 13, 2014

Bridge Work

How long does it take to build two bridges? Would you believe five and a half years and counting? Seriously! These are not huge expansive bridges either, just normal freeway bridges, one for each direction of travel. They are less than an eighth of a mile long and flat. And still, it’s been five and half years. That’s a long time. I had no grandchildren when they started and I now have five.

People tell me these things take time; a bridge can’t be built overnight. I agree, but I also remember that after the earthquake in San Francisco in 1989, they rebuilt multiple double deck freeway bridges, long ones, in just over a year. That project, I believe, was far more complex than two small bridges. So, while bridge building does take time, more than five years is way too much, in my never to be humble opinion.

It has meant five and a half years of slowing down to 50 mph. Five and a half years of waiting behind traffic that inevitably backs up, especially on weekends or holidays. And, five and a half years of playing “Guess which lane is open today.” This may not sound like much but, as a truck driver, I go through this construction site four times every day. So, for me, it gets a little annoying.

But, at last, the bridges are done! Actually, they have been open for a few months now, while all the “extras” are being completed. The finishing touches. So, we’re still enjoying that bane of every traveler—road construction. The good news is, as of last Friday, it appears everything is now complete. The traffic signs are up, lane striping is done, guardrails are installed, and the sides of the road have been landscaped. The only thing left is to take down the construction zone signs. I suppose they’ll get that taken care of eventually—just in time to put them up again. After five and a half years, it’s probably time for road repairs!

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