Sunday, September 21, 2014

Traffic Lights

Friday night, and there’s a lot of traffic on the road. It’s like a holiday weekend but as far as I know, there are no major holidays this late in September. I’d like to ask to ask them where they’re going but then I don’t really want to know.

There is also an inordinate amount of those vehicles equipped with the pretty red and blue flashing lights. The drivers of those seem awfully proud of their lights. Every chance they get; they’re showing them off. For the most part, people are accommodating, pulling over to the side of the road just to marvel. Except the guy who just passed me. Apparently, he wasn’t quite as impressed with the lights as everyone else. Or, maybe he’s just in a hurry, I don’t know. Either way, he made it quite evident; he had no intention of stopping.

But the man in the car with the pretty lights was rather insistent; he wasn’t taking “no” for an answer. He speeded up, staying right with the other driver, trying to persuade him to stop and have a look.

They both disappeared around the corner and shortly after, I discovered that all the guys driving the cars with the red and blue lights must belong to the same club, because four or five more showed up out of the blue; like they’d got a call from the first one or something.

I guess the old saying, “There’s strength in numbers,” must be true because only a few miles further, the guy who hadn’t wanted to make time to stop was off on the side of the road.

They all seemed to be having a good time as I drove by; everyone was out of their cars, talking it up. It didn’t appear there were any hard feelings either; pretty sure I saw a 12-Pack of Budweiser setting on the car. But the party must not have lasted too long ‘cause they were all gone when I came back by a half an hour later.

The guy’s car was still there though. I figure he caught a ride with one of the others. Maybe, they decided to take the party into town. They probably had a lot of other stuff they wanted to show him.

Meanwhile, I’m still driving down the road. Still a lot of traffic too.


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