Sunday, September 28, 2014

Road Block

A mile or so from my house, between the freeway and the road, is a small pull off. The graveled area in the evergreen bushes is used by a lot of people. The location is well situated for farmers to sell fruit and vegetables, and others to vend various products. Motor homes, pickups with campers, and trucks occasionally use it as well as it’s a convenient place to get off the road and out of the way.

This pull off has been there over forty years that I know of —until last week. The city brought in a load of small boulders and blocked off the area. Why? Well, obviously, they can’t have anybody making money, not without paying for a business license and other associated costs or, the city not collecting their fee for a sign permit. Seriously, in my town they’re ridiculously obstinate about sign permits. The police will come and take your yard sale signs, because the city didn’t get their cut. And those ingenious folks who use their parked car to advertise a yard sale can receive a ticket. Makes having a yard sale rather unprofitable.

It’s not just my city either. Apparently, there’s some unwritten law that restricts making money—unless you do it by the approved method of working a conventional job. And, in many cases, you can only have one of those—no moonlighting. Anytime anyone comes up with a legal method of augmenting their income, the city, county, state, or other government entity finds a way to intervene. Just look at how children’s lemonade stands are treated these days.

They’ll tax, regulate, pass laws, or even file a lawsuit to stifle, deter, and discourage private entrepreneurship. Sometimes they just put rocks in the road. How rude!

But, there’s a silver lining behind every cloud, right? In this case, blocking access to the pull off means the cops can’t back in there and hide anymore! Hmm... maybe they should block off a few more places!

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