Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Stealing" My Own Pickup

It’s a little-known fact that I have a stubborn streak. Okay, I may have under-exaggerated that. It’s widely known. As an old song says, I Won’t Back Down, even when threatened. In fact, I’m probably more determined when threatened. Let’s just say I was incorrigible long before I knew what that word meant.

Usually, my actions are well thought out, and at least in my mind, I have a good reason for doing whatever I’m doing. No amount of correction or punishment is going to change that. Growing up, and even after, I knew beforehand what the consequences would be for most things I did. By the time I’d actually committed my “crime” I’d already weighed any likely repercussions against the benefits. It comes down to resolve. If I believe I’m right, nothing is going to make me change course.

So, with that long and drawn out preface, you’ll better understand my position and reaction when one day I was told I couldn’t have my pickup back from the service shop until after the weekend. This was a Friday and the truck had been at the dealership for warranty work for three weeks. They’d finally fixed the minor repair but insisted that I couldn’t have it back until they got paid from the manufacturer.

I’d never heard of such a thing but arguing with them proved useless. They would not allow me to take the pickup and that was that! With a smug sneer, the service manager informed me they would hold onto the key and I could check back on Monday. Then, he said if I didn’t leave, they would call the police. There it was, the threat.

Now, there’s usually a simple solution to almost anything and it wasn’t that difficult to figure out a way around my problem. I had a duplicate key at my house!

It took most of an hour for a friend and I to make the trip and by the time we returned the dealership was closed—with my pickup locked inside a fenced-in area. But locks were made to be opened and within a few minutes, I was driving the pickup off the lot. The following week, after a call by me to the corporate offices, the dealership was happy to return my other key. They even apologized for the “misunderstanding” about not permitting me to take the truck. For some reason though, they never were too pleased to see me after that.

Recently, I had a chance to drive by that car lot. Immediately, I noticed a few changes. There was a big steel automatic gate to the fenced-in area and parked in front of the gate was the service truck. Numerous signs proclaimed the lot to be under 24-hour surveillance. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who had helped himself to his own vehicle! The new features and procedures were obviously meant to prevent this. I just smiled to myself. Sure, it would make it more difficult but I’d still probably figure out a way. After all, I do have a little stubborn streak.


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