Sunday, May 4, 2014


Made a new friend this week, which is remarkable for me since I’m not exactly the social type. Not that I don’t spend a lot of time talking, I do. Just ask my wife; she says I talk a blue streak! While I’m not admitting to anything, she may be right, as long as I’m talking to someone I know—strangers, not so much.

Back to my new friend. I didn’t learn that much about him, really. I guess, I’m not sure this friend is even a “him” so; there’s not a lot to tell. However, I did talk to “him” every day. Never did receive much of a response, he just watched me.

See, the problem is, this friend is a coyote. Yep, a coyote. Starting last Monday, he followed my truck as I drove down the mile-long hill from my job. Since the weather was nice, for a change, my window was down and so I chatted with him as he loped along beside me. Then, I hit the highway and he stopped. I called out a friendly goodbye, figuring I would never see him again.

But the next day, there he was. And Wednesday. And Thursday. And Friday. Every day, he showed up as I hooked up my trailer and then, “escorted” me down the hill. I wasn’t aware I needed an escort, but apparently, I did.

As I drove, I made sure to not outrun him, just idled along. Didn’t want my new friend to get winded or anything, trying to keep up with me. I’m sure he appreciated my thoughtfulness, but who knows? He never managed to say a single word the whole time. But I did, each and every day, all the way down the hill. By the end of the week, I’d related my whole life’s history and then some.

Okay, obviously this coyote isn’t really a friend and I have no idea why he developed a liking for me. Maybe he just liked chasing my truck. Or, maybe he was hungry and I looked like I’d make a good meal. But, perhaps he was simply lonely and needed a friend. No doubt, I’m the only person who ever talked to him! In any event, I had a good time, chatting, making small talk, being social. Odd, isn’t it? Since I’m not really known as the social type.


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