Sunday, May 11, 2014

Better Late Than Never

Somewhere around thirty-two years ago, my brother told me about a song he’d heard on the radio where he lived. He asked if I’d heard it. I said, “Not yet.” The song was My Mother’s Other Son by Tommy Cash and Tommy Jennings. As I’m sure you can figure out from the title, the artists are the brothers of country music legends Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.

I started listening for the song but after a few days of not hearing it, I called the radio station in my town. They didn’t have it, I was told. So, I started looking at record stores—to no avail. I also tried special ordering it, and again, no luck.

For the last thirty-two years, as I moved around the country, I’ve continued to look and listen for the song. In addition to record stores, I perused garage sales, thrift stores and libraries—even asked several folks in Nashville, including a couple of guys I was sure would have a copy (no name dropping), and still nothing.

With the advent of Amazon, iTunes, and similar websites, which made downloading for millions of songs available, I thought my luck would change—sadly, no. But I didn’t give up. I kept searching online and anywhere else I could. For thirty-two years. Then, last week, my search came to an end; I found the record on Ebay! Yes, I bought it!

The record arrived today and I immediately put it on the record player. (Yes, I still have one of those). And my thirty-two year quest was over! I listened twice—and then a third time. I did like the song and decided it had been worth the wait. So, am I happy now? Well, sort of, but there are still more songs I’m looking for so it’s not like I’ll have nothing to do.

After listening another time or two, I started writing this blog. And now, just one thing remains to do. I need to call My Mother’s Other Son and tell him, “Yes, I’ve heard the song.” Thirty-two years after the fact but better late than never.


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