Monday, April 21, 2014

Six More Weeks Of... Summer?

So did the Easter Bunny see his shadow, or not? I missed that yesterday.

What’s that? I’m confused? No, I don’t think so. It makes as much sense as a groundhog predicting the weather, which, by the way, it’s been far longer than six weeks since February 2 – and winter has still not disappeared.

On the bright side, we did have some sunshine today! And, I have mowed the lawn a couple of times. That is, a couple of times this year. I think there would be no point in mowing it twice today! Although, I did have a neighbor once who mowed his lawn every single day of the summer. No, I’m not kidding.

Not only did he mow every day, he trimmed and weeded too. And raked. And swept off the sidewalk. Obviously, he had more time in his day than I. With all that lawn care, you’d think he would have had the best-looking grass in the neighborhood, but no. His lawn was about average – like everyone else’s.

I didn’t talk to him much ‘cause I figured he was a little crazy – and his mower was always running. But one spring day he stopped mowing long enough to tell me that we were going to have a long summer that year. Then, he said something about an Easter Bunny. I’m not exactly sure what the Easter Bunny had to do with the longevity of summer but he seemed convinced they were related.

Thing is, he was right! We did have a long summer. Although, I’m pretty sure that was due to the weather staying warmer longer and had nothing at all to do with a fictitious rabbit – whether said rabbit saw his shadow or not!

To be fair, the guy didn’t mention anything about shadows, that was just my conjecture. I still have no idea what he was talking about. But at least now, you know the reason behind my opening question. See? I’m not really confused after all! Or, am I?


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