Monday, March 17, 2014

My Healthy Diet

I didn’t eat much candy as a kid. Not that my parents didn’t allow it or anything, I just didn’t really like candy that much. I’d rather have real food – a steak, for example.

However, my wife is different. She could live on candy, and frequently does. And, after being married to her for more than half of my life, I seem to have developed a bit of a sweet tooth. Maybe it’s just that since she has candy around the house, I eat it. It is faster and more convenient than fixing a meal!

Still, I’d rather have a steak. That’s more healthy, right? Maybe not, as it has been a problem in the past.

One day, a lot of years ago, I woke up with a nagging pain in my lower right leg. Throughout the day it got worse, so much that it made it difficult to walk. My ankle was swollen, very inflamed, and extremely SORE! A severe case of gout, according to the doctor. For those who might not know, gout is a form of arthritis and it occurs when high levels of uric acid in the blood form crystals and then accumulate around a joint, usually in the feet or ankles. Certain foods, high in purines, contribute to the problem. In my case, the gout was most likely the result of eating too much red meat. Too much red meat? I wasn’t aware that was possible!

The cure was simple, I was told. The best way to stop gout was simply to limit my intake of red meat; otherwise, it would continue to flare up from time to time. Well, it took me about two seconds to realize that apparently, I was going to have periodical problems with gout for the rest of my life. Yes, I’ll admit I’m a little stubborn. Did I mention I like steak?

The good news is, that was my one and only experience with gout. Oddly, it never returned, and yes, I continued to eat red meat – and probably a lot of other foods that are known to cause gout. (I never really bothered to find out what they were). I’m not the health conscious type; I just prefer to eat what I like.

Well, all this writing about food has now made me hungry. But, that will be remedied shortly, as in a few minutes; I’m meeting my wife for lunch. I don’t know what she is having – probably candy. Me, I think I’ll have a steak.

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