Monday, July 29, 2013

All Locked Up - Or Not

I’ve always had a knack for getting into places I shouldn’t. Places I didn’t belong. Places that were locked up. When I was younger, I figured there was only one purpose for locks - to see if I could get them open. Usually, I could. Locks are meant to be opened after all! Of course, I was no Harry Houdini, but I did possess a little proficiency at it.

Also when I was younger, I seemed to have an inherent desire to explore. And since all the world had already been discovered, my exploration was confined to buildings and the inside of anything fenced off. This, mixed with the ability to defeat locks, was not a good combination for a young teenage boy.

While some of the places I’ve been able to get into would be quite impressive, I think I’ll resist the urge to name any of them - for security reasons - mine! Not that I ever stole anything - for me the thrill was getting in. But, I know better than to admit to anything, even all these years later. Someone, somewhere, would decide I was guilty of something and there would be a big mess. So, let’s just say that I know several major stadiums have an elaborate system of tunnels and secret passages, most commercial buildings have multiple hidden rooms, and at least two of the towns I have lived in are built over an entire network of tunnels. All great conditions for an explorer!

Out of all of my “expeditions,” I was only caught once. I think I was twelve at the time. A security guard ushered me down through a complex series of tunnels and hallways to his office, which to a kid more closely resembled a jail. Asking me a few questions that I refused to answer, he made the mistake of telling me to sit tight while he went to call his boss. He left me locked in the interrogation room, as I referred to it, but didn’t bother to actually keep an eye on me.

Remember I said I had a knack for defeating locks and getting into places? Yeah, funny thing is, my talent worked just as well to get me out of places too!

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