Monday, September 24, 2012

High Crime Area

I may have to move. The town where I live is trying its best to become a big city, and not just through a population growth. It seems the crime rate is also rising.

About a month ago, I arrived home from work one morning at my usual time, approximately five a.m. Turning onto my street, I was greeted by a scene of flashing lights from no less than a half dozen police cars. Crime scene tape was stretched across the road just on the other side of my house.

My first thought was, “They better let me into my drive!” After working all night, driving 715 miles, the last thing I wanted to do was argue with the cops about whether I’m allowed to go home or not.

Weaving my way through the cop cars, which were parked haphazardly on the street, I was able to maneuver my pickup into the driveway. No officers said anything, although I did get quite a few long stares.

Waking my wife, I asked what had happened, but she didn’t know. Whatever it was, she had slept through it. It took a couple of hours to find out exactly what she’d slept through. Apparently, our neighbor lady, two houses up, had shot her husband and then herself. He lived. She didn’t. My wife must be a fairly sound sleeper. Crime scene investigators were on the scene until late that afternoon.

Since that day, there has been a wave of violent crimes including, another domestic shooting death, two men beaten to death on the street – on separate occasions, and most recently, local police officers shot and killed a man who tried to attack them with a knife.

That’s an awful lot of crime fatalities for a relatively small community in one month. We’ve had more than our share it would seem. But hopefully, things will settle down for a while now. I never intended to live in a high crime area!

Okay, I’m not really thinking of moving. I know there are nut jobs committing violent crime everywhere. Moving wouldn’t change that. Besides, if I even considered the possibility of moving, my grandkids would probably kill me!

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