Monday, February 27, 2012

The Wind Wind

The last five days I’ve spent replacing a sizable portion of the roof on my house and repairing the collapsed fence. All this, thanks to the wind. Chicago may be known as the windy city – but I’ve been there numerous times and it’s not, windy that is, it is most definitely a city. It’s just not that windy. Not compared to the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Chicago may have a few tornados but it’s not the norm. In the Gorge, we have tornado-speed straight winds quite often.

I realize there are a lot of places that lay claim to high winds. I’ve seen a good many of them in my travels. Posted signs warn of the danger yet, when I look for evidence, I see none. The trees have branches on all sides – in the Columbia River Gorge, it is not unusual to see trees with branches all pointing in the same direction, away from the wind. And several times, I’ve heard truck drivers talking, convinced the Columbia River is flowing backwards – from west to east – because the waves, caused by the wind, make it appear that way. I’ve seen the wind in the Gorge blow loaded boxcars off the track and loaded semis off the road. Buildings don’t always fare so well either.

A hard blowing wind is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, what is strange is for the wind to stop. Frequently, wind speeds register 50 mph and more. Occasionally, they top 100 mph. Wind surfers from around the world come to take advantage of the winds in the Gorge. And lately, the hillsides are becoming cluttered with thousands of windmills, converting the wind into electricity. Except, they can’t always run those windmills because it is too windy. Yeah, the wind blows here.

So, it wasn’t too surprising last week when I came home to find my fence down and much of my roof gone. Most of my neighbors’ houses were the same. We’ve all been busy these last few days putting things back in order. Oddly, no one seemed too upset by the incident. It wasn’t the first time and obviously, it won’t be the last. Yet, despite that reality, I like living here and prefer it over any other area. Every region has its own potentially dangerous phenomenon; snow and ice, fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. I think I’ll take the wind.

I finished up the fence today and the roof is waterproof once more, I hope. The yard is all cleaned up and everything is back to normal. Normal being waiting for the wind to knock something down again.

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