Monday, February 6, 2012

The Weekend

I drive a truck for a living. And I drive at night. Why? Aside from being a night owl, there is considerably less traffic at night. Less traffic makes my job easier and gets it over with faster since; I’m not waiting on anybody. Usually.

Friday afternoon is the exception. Bumper to bumper traffic. Apparently, everybody in the world needs to be some place else. Me included. The difference is I’m going to work while everybody else is done for the week and headed home. And everybody is in a hurry. The weekend only lasts so long, I suppose.

On my way to work, I see a few people I know – at the store or the gas station. Knowing I still have another day before my weekend, they can’t resist rubbing it in. I guess they like to make sure I know they’re free – and I’m not. That’s okay. Sure, it’s disheartening at times, say on a mid-summer perfect weather kind of day, but it’s not like I’m actually going to miss the weekend. I’ll get to it – just a little later than everyone else. Guess you could say I run behind the rest of the world.

On Fridays, my delayed schedule is not so great. But come Monday morning, I’ll start feeling better about the whole deal. When most people are rolling out of bed with Blue Monday Syndrome, I’ll have until late afternoon to finish my weekend. And, as I run around doing all the last minute things before starting my workweek, there’s not a whole lot of traffic to bother me – everybody else is at work!

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