Monday, May 14, 2018

Am I Missing Something?

Enjoyed a week long vacation last week. Yay! No exotic destination though. In fact, for most of the week, I just stayed home. Did some work on my fence and deck, along with a few other things.

But as a truck driver, I can’t fathom going more than a few days without some extended periods of driving. On Thursday, my wife and I traveled roughly 300 miles—just to have lunch! Then on Friday, I left my wife home while I made a quick weekend trip to my son’s house in Idaho. And since there are always things to do, I helped him with some of his home-related projects.

My stay lasted through Sunday, which meant I was away from my wife for Mothers’ Day. For the past 30 years or so, I’ve taken her, and usually the kids, out to eat on Mothers’ Day. But this year, I wasn’t home. When I made plans to be gone, I hadn’t realized it would be Mothers’ Day weekend. Thankfullly, one of my daughters was able to step in and take her mother for a nice lunch.

But that didn’t mean I had to go hungry. Nope. On Sunday, my son and I, just the two of us, went out to eat—for Mothers’ Day. Hey, it was still Mothers’ Day! Just because neither one of us are mothers doesn’t mean we can’t have a decent meal!

For some reason though, the manager, who was randomly handing out roses, skipped our table! And we didn’t even get the discount they were offering to nearly everyone else! We still had a good Mothers’ Day though! ~

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