Monday, August 28, 2017

Out In The Sun Too Long?

Good news! I survived the eclipse! And, I assume, if you’re reading this you survived as well. Or not. I have no definitive proof that my blog isn’t read by the dearly departed; though common sense says no. Speaking of common sense, I’m pretty sure that’s a rare form of thinking on the verge of extinction.

Standing in a long line at the store the other day, I heard a guy say he’d like to view the next solar eclipse from the perspective of the sun—looking back toward the Earth. He told us he was already checking into travel arrangements. Okay, then.

Apparently, the guy has never heard how far away the sun is. (Not to mention the availability of flights to the sun is sort of limited. Severely limited. As in none.) I guess he’s never heard how hot the sun is either. And that, even if he could somehow manage to get there and not burn up, trying to find the Earth would be rather difficult.

I didn’t say anything because well, the only things I could think of were not polite! (Yes, I do know how to be polite—at times). However, another guy in line wasn’t as nice. “You’re joking right?”

The would-be space traveler insisted he certainly was not. The two of them argued the finer points traveling to the sun for a few minutes before the sane one gave up. Looking at me, he rolled his eyes and shook his head slowly. I just nodded—with a smirk on my face, I’m sure.

And that would be the real reason I chose to not get involved in the conversation; a rational and reasonable person stands no chance against utter insanity—and after listening to Solar Man talk, I’m convinced he wasn’t dealing with a full deck. What’s worse though, is there were at least a couple of people in line who seemed to agree with him. See why I say common sense is in danger of becoming lost forever?

I know the eclipse is over but I think these people are still very much in the dark. On a related note: marijuana use is now legal in Oregon! ~

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