Sunday, June 25, 2017

Power Failure

A few months ago, in the cold of winter, I replaced a battery on my wife’s vehicle. Now, as repairs go, a battery is probably one of the easiest to perform and quickest so I really wasn’t too disgruntled over the project. It took about a half an hour at the most—and that included the trip to the store. Still, it was winter. And did I mention it was cold?

Despite the ease of the job, I used the occasion to give my wife a bad time, reminding her it was cold outside, batteries cost money, and she probably should take better care of her vehicle because modern vehicles won’t run without a battery! I also may have mentioned something about my pickup NOT needing a new battery. Oh yeah, and that I had better things to do than work on a vehicle even if it was a simple fix.

She knew I wasn’t really serious about all my complaints (at least I think she knew). I was just having fun and trying to amuse the grandchildren. Still, it may have been the wrong thing to do. This past week, I was once again working on a battery. This time in my pickup. Oddly, my wife didn’t seem too concerned with my woes! But, thankfully, neither did she go through all the list that I’d relayed to her regarding batteries and cars—or pickups in this case.

I guess I should have known this was coming, after all, batteries don’t last forever. But hey, at least my battery the common decency to do its meltdown during the summer, when it’s warm outside! ~

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