Sunday, March 13, 2016

Social Studies

No, this post has nothing to do with school, and it’s not about social media either. But instead of continuing the list of subjects that I didn’t write about, maybe I should just tell my story. Okay, here goes.

My wife and I dined at a Chinese restaurant the other day and as is the custom, received our fortune cookies at the end of our meal. Though it’s tradition, fortune cookies are pretty much pointless. While some may actually believe in such things, I’m certainly not one of them. What’s printed on a little piece of paper inside a cookie obviously has no validity nor any ability to predict or control my fortune. It’s just a cookie. I don’t even like eating them. But it is kind of fun to see what they say, sometimes—usually, to see how wrong they are.

After smashing the cookie, I retrieved the little slip of paper and read: “You have great social charm and grace.”

Really? Me? Anyone who knows me is probably laughing while reading this. I may be a lot of things but possessing social charm and grace is most assuredly NOT on the list. Perhaps the cookie was meant for my wife!

I’m NOT a sociable person. It’s not that I mind talking to people. In fact, I love to talk. But a social function, and interacting with everyone? That’s not me. But, I have a wife who seems to enjoy it. And, she knows that while I do love to talk, there are some people I just want to avoid. So, she runs interference for me! She talks, and I escape.

This past weekend, we had a retirement party to attend. As usual, my wife was making her rounds, visiting with everyone. Me, I just ate some food, talked briefly to a couple of people I knew and was ready to leave. I learned a long time ago to drive my own vehicle to these things. That way when I’m ready to go home, I can.

On my way to the door, I saw another person who I knew didn’t really enjoy social gatherings. She was wishing she could leave but “protocol’ dictated that she stay. I told her I felt her pain but not enough to stay and suffer with her. And then I remembered what she’d told me at the previous function we’d attended. She’d said, “You may say you don’t like these events but you’re so good at being social. You have a certain charm and that helps.”

Has this woman has gone into business writing fortune cookies, I wondered? That’s not likely so apparently, my wife and I just have everyone buffaloed—I attend these get-togethers, she talks, and everyone thinks I’m sociable. Hey, works for me. I knew I married her for some reason! Give the lady a cookie! ~

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