Monday, February 15, 2016

No Longer Alone

For years, when my parents lived in the same town as we do, our family would go to their house on Sunday afternoons for lunch. Quite often my mom would make tacos, authentic American tacos, because, well... we like tacos—and they are quick and easy to prepare. I soon developed a habit of saying, “Thanks for the tacos,” as we left their house to go home, even if we’d had something else to eat.

Yes, my kids thought I was crazy but I think they thought that for a lot of reasons, not just because I was thankful for non-existent tacos!

Somehow, over the years, this became a favorite saying of mine. Anytime we’d visit my parents’ house and eat anything, I’d say, “Thanks for the tacos.” Eventually, I began repeating the phrase for things that weren’t even food related, and sometimes for nothing at all. At times, it didn’t even make sense and still, I’d say it. And yes, my kids still seemed to think I’d lost it somewhere long ago!

But my mother never even questioned it. She’d just respond with, “You’re welcome.”

This past weekend, since my father is currently out of the country, my mother came for a visit. Yesterday after church, we had her, along with all our children and their kids at our house for lunch. My wife and I made... tacos.

Oddly enough, I wasn’t even thinking about my saying. That is, until the end of the meal when my mom said, “Thanks for the tacos!” We all laughed a bit at that. But one of my grandsons didn’t see any humor in it. Obviously to him, it was quite normal to say “Thanks for the tacos” when we had, in fact, had tacos. I tried to explain it to him but he just shook his head and gave me, and everyone else, a strange look. That he included everyone else in his eye-rolling moment is what made me smile; my kids are now viewed as slightly deranged by the next generation. Welcome to my world! And, “Thanks for the tacos.” ~

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