Monday, March 16, 2015

Little Rascal

A few years ago, when my wife told me about a free puppy that we could acquire, I was excited. We already had a dog but I love dogs so two would be twice the fun, right? And free? Who could say no to that?

The next day when I came home from work, the little furry friend was there. From the start, he was a loveable creature; cuddly, adorable, and cute—though somewhat needy too. Also from the start, we discovered he was a bit of a mischievous troublemaker. He didn’t chew up things or claw on the furniture like you’d expect a puppy to do. No, his antics were more devious in nature. He’d unroll the toilet paper, steal papers from my office—just so we would chase him—or, one of his favorite misdeeds; taking my socks. Ironically, we had already named him Rascal. I guess he was simply trying to live up to that name.
And as we’ve come to learn, he evidently has a steel-lined stomach. He’s no longer a puppy and should know better, but he will eat anything, food or not. You want examples? Okay. Here’s just a few. He has eaten the shavings from the pencil sharpener, a two-foot length of string, copper wire, crushed red peppers (foil packet and all), electrical tape, and anything made of plastic, apparently that’s a delicacy in his world. As you can imagine sometimes his diet necessitates a trip to the vet.

I know a lot of dogs detest going to the vet but not Rascal. And he’s had an inordinate number of visits, including three surgeries, two of them major and perhaps life saving. So as a result, the dog has developed a strong affinity for the Veterinarian. And vice-versa. The doctor seems to adore Rascal. It’s like they are members of the canine/veterinarian mutual admiration society. Sometimes I wonder if my dog does things on purpose just so he can go to the vet.

This past week, Rascal again ate something he shouldn’t have, which required yet another trip to the vet. But, it’s no longer the same doctor. That guy has retired. And Rascal doesn’t particularly care for the new doctor. That’s a little sad. But—fingers crossed—hopefully now, he’ll stop doing things that require so many veterinarian visits. This has turned out to be a fairly expensive free dog!

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