Monday, November 4, 2013

Time Warp

Last Saturday night (Sunday morning for anyone who wants to get technical) was my favorite night of the year - the time change in the fall. Not that I like the shorter days that follow but right at first, the time change is great. Most people see the night as an opportunity to get more sleep. Not me. Sleep is highly over-rated.

See, I’m a busy guy, working my regular job, taking care of things at home, and writing. The writing is more than a full time job in itself. So, I really look forward to having an extra hour - at home. It’s delightful to be sitting at the computer, watching the time, waiting for the clock go from 1:59 to 1:00. A gift of time is one of the best there is. And I don’t want to spend it sleeping - that is too unproductive. I have things to do!

I often wonder though, just how much extra work I actually get done. With all the anticipation, paying more attention to the clock than to working, probably not much.        And then afterwards, continually looking at the time for the next hour, things don’t really improve. All these distractions make it difficult to concentrate. Could it be that instead of gaining an hour, I actually lose two? Maybe.

Still, it seems like I have extra time. And in fact, a 25-hour day is indeed longer than any other. (Unless you’re traveling across multiple time zones in a westerly direction, really fast). I’m just not sure I get any more accomplished in that 25-hour day than in a normal one. But, it makes me happy to think I’m going to. And it’s still my favorite night of the year.

Of course, six months from now, I’ll be depressed. When the time changes back. That’s my least favorite night of the year. Somehow, it’s not quite as much fun seeing the clock skip an hour. A 23-hour day means less time to work. I have to stay up an extra hour just to break even. But then, sleep is highly over-rated.

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