Monday, June 17, 2013

Bank Robbery

America, the Land of Opportunity, where anyone can succeed. Where people are free to come up with ideas and turn these ideas into a nice profit. At least that’s what I was taught in school. Only problem is, sometimes even the best idea is completely worthless.

When I was a young kid, a scheming kid, I had the ultimate plan to get rich. The perfect plan - robbing a bank! Not the most original idea, I know. And not the most effective approach either. But with a little different twist, I was convinced my idea would work.

So, I went down to the local bank and studied their security, the building layout, and camera locations. I then spent several days observing the behavior patterns of the employees when they arrived to work and as they left. I then devised my strategy.

Before anyone gets the idea that I’m a criminal with a bank robbing history, I should clarify that I did NOT rob the bank. That was not on my agenda. Instead, I used my well thought out plan as material for a report at school. My teacher was duly impressed; first, that my plan might actually work and second, that I would reveal it.

But that was part of my grand scheme. I needed someone else’s opinion before I moved on. The fact that the teacher thought it would work gave me confidence to go to the next step.

Going back to the bank, I walked right over to the Bank President’s desk and asked to talk with him. For some reason he agreed to talk and I handed him a copy of my report. He read the details of how I would go about robbing his bank, at first with an amused smile. Then, the smile faded into a worried frown.

When he’d finished reading, he wanted to know why I’d given the paper to him. After assuring him that I had no intention of robbing his bank, that I was merely pointing out the possibility that existed by identifying the weak spots in his security, I expected him to offer me some kind of monetary reward.

And that’s where my “perfect” plan hit a snag. He didn’t seem to believe the bank should pay me anything. He said they already had a security firm, which took care of preventing bank robberies. Disappointed, I took my paper and left. My idea hadn’t been worth anything. There would be no payoff.

A few days later though, I noticed some remodeling going on at the bank, along with a few additional cameras being installed. There were other changes as well. Each of the changes were things I'd addressed. Of course, I asked the Bank President why he was making the modifications if my idea had been worthless. He said, “I didn’t say it was worthless or that it wouldn’t work; only that we weren’t paying you for it.”

Well, that was rather un-American, I thought! Obviously, my good idea was only worthless to me. So much for the Land of Opportunity - I couldn’t even make a profit off of bank robbery!
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