Monday, May 27, 2013

Some Gave All

I’ve never been in the military. Never wanted to be and so I never joined. I have nothing against the military; it’s just not my thing. A regimented lifestyle is not at all suited to my character, and the military has far too much of it. Besides, I have an attitude. And I’m not willing to change my opinions or behavior simply because I’m told to do so.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful we have a military. And I’m very thankful for what it has done for this country. As a proud American, I support our troops in any endeavor or mission. Aside from God, we owe everything we have in this country to the dedication and service of our armed forces.

Thanks to them, we still have our freedom. They have protected that freedom. Fought and died for that freedom. Many thousands of soldiers have served this country with honor. All sacrificed, and many paid the ultimate price, so that people like me could remain free. Free to go about our lives as we see fit. Free to pursue our dreams. Free to speak our minds. Free to choose our religion. Free to raise our families in peace. Free to live where we decide. Free to choose our own job. Free to celebrate holidays. Free to be ourselves. And in my case, free to have an attitude.

So, to all of those who serve or have served: Thanks. Thanks for all you do or have done. Thanks for fighting for America. Thanks for keeping this the Land of the Free. And to all those who never returned, and to their families, a sincere and humble thanks. We, as a nation, are forever in your debt.

That sounds so little and insignificant compared to those who gave all - especially coming from a guy who was never in the military. But maybe, in some small way, it will help to know that we are grateful.

Have a great Memorial Day!

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