Monday, April 8, 2013

Laundry In The Good Old Days

Every so often on Facebook, people post a picture of something from days gone by that says “Like” if you know what this is. Recently, I saw one of an old wringer type washer. Actually, it was not that old I guess, since it had an electrical cord attached. Somehow, an electric wringer washer just seems less authentic - at least to me.

Not only did I know what was in the picture, I’ve helped my grandmother do laundry on one of them - without a cord. Ah, those were the good old days! Back when every single article of clothing received its own special care and treatment - all the time and attention that each deserved. Of course, laundry took all day and it was an awful amount of work.

Doing laundry with a wringer washer actually required the presence of the one doing the laundry. Back then, there was no starting a load and running off to do something else. These days, when the clothes are put into the washer - a dial is turned and you can walk away and forget it. And then, when the load is done another three minutes of work is required to start the next load - after placing the clothes into the dryer, and pushing another button. That’s another aspect of laundry that is much easier these days - drying the clothes.

Oh, hey! I wonder how come whoever posted the picture of the wringer type washer, didn’t include a dryer from the same era? Maybe they just didn’t think it was important. Or, they might have worried the two wouldn’t have been a matching set. Or, perhaps they simply didn’t have a picture of such a dryer. But I do. I’ve posted it below. Maybe I’ll put it on Facebook, with a caption that reads, “Like” if you know what this is.

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