Monday, February 25, 2013

My Winter Rule

Yay! Winter is almost over! Only four more days left!

Yes I know, technically, winter lasts until March 21st, but you see, I have a rule: no more snow, icy roads, or extreme cold after February. And since 2013 isn’t a leap year, that leaves just four more days. And I’m very glad. As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, I do not like winter. I could blame my dislike on the fact that I drive a semi nearly 600 miles a day, but the truth is, even if I didn’t, I still wouldn’t like it. Never did. Too cold, wet, and snowy. By this time of year, I’m really sick of it all. Thus, the rule.

My wife tells me I do not get to make the rules concerning the duration of winter but I disagree. I’ve had this rule for quite a few years, fifteen in fact, and not once during that time have I had to drive my semi on bad roads after February - it’s never even snowed! So apparently, I do get to make the rules. Of course, it may help that fifteen years ago, I moved to a milder climate - one where winter weather is usually over by mid-February.

I realize that by writing this blog I’m probably jinxing things. March 2013 will now become known as “that one winter.” That one winter that set a new record for snowfall. And freezing temperatures. That one winter that extended through the middle of April. That one winter that everyone remembers as the worst winter - for the entire region.

And that brings up a problem. Obviously, such a long winter would break my rule. But I’m not exactly sure what I could do about it. It’s not like I’m actually the boss of well, anything but especially, the weather. That would be God and I’m pretty sure He gets to do what He wants. He doesn’t generally check with me on these matters. Okay, He never checks with me on these matters. That’s all right. I really do not expect Him to.

I suppose then, my “rule” is more of a hopeful wish than any sort of requirement. And in light of that, I should really be thankful to live where my “rule” has prevailed for the last fifteen years. And I am.

Hey! Wait a second. What is that white stuff falling from the sky? Snow? Yep, it’s snowing on me. It wasn’t when I started writing this. “Time to kick off the cruise,” I mutter to myself as I blow out an exasperated sigh.

The good news is: there are only four more days of winter. Maybe.

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